2018 Glass Blown Open

I started off my first ever Glass Blown Open on a really cold, foggy Thursday morning at Swope Park in Cottonwood Falls. At the end of the round I was tied for 1st with Carli Strange. Carli is tough to beat! Her lefty backhand is ridiculous. But her forehand! You need to see it to know what I'm talking about. My 2nd round at Jones East was the most challenging I think I've ever played. The strokes I dropped to OB and a couple of misfires snuck up on me. But I hung in there and fought to keep my momentum. I know if I'm going to beat Carli in the future I've got to get my forehand game polished up. Good thing I get to play all the time with Kat Mertsch. Kat's forehand is one of the best in the game at our level. No doubt about that. Battling Carli and Kat for a spot in the top 3 showed me that my backhand is right where it needs to be and my form is working for me. With practice and focus I will get my forehand locked in. I just want to say what an honor it is to have stood there out in front of the DD Store with Kat and Carli. We know how hard we fought to get there. And no matter what places each of us finished, each shot was a challenge - and we battled it out shot for shot all the way to the finish. We earned those trophies - no doubt! 

Kat Mertsch, Carli Strange, and me. 

What a weekend!

Finishing 2nd place puts me way beyond my goal of reaching the TOP 10. It's one thing to believe in yourself - but it's another thing for sure to hit your lines and execute your game plan when the pressure is on. I'd call my 2018 GBO a TOTAL SUCCESS. I absolutely did what I set out to do. And I can't wait for next year! 


Watching Kevin Jones put together the most impressive back 9 anyone has ever seen on the Emporia Country Club GBO Layout was like being in a dream. 8 birdies out of 9 holes put him in the top 5. He played near perfect disc golf after a few troubles with OB and some missed putts on the front. I got to witness first hand what it looks like to turn a few bad shots on the front 9 into a legit run for the podium. Thanks for your support and encouragement, Kevin. I'm glad we're teammates and I can't wait for San Francisco!

Kevin Jones and me - right after Kevin's Course Record with an 8 down on the back 9. Amazing.